You can apply for compensation if your event has been cancelled as a consequence of the Government’s request for cancellation or postponement of events with more than 1000 participants because of covid-19.


Who are covered by the scheme?

  • The scheme covers events with more than 1000 participants. Furthermore, events with more than 500 participants aimed at special covid-19 risk groups, for example the elderly or people with health-related vulnerabilities, are covered.
  • The event must be planned for Denmark and have been open to the public.
  • The event organiser must be a legal entity with registered address in Denmark, cf. the CVR register
  • In addition, music venues owned by local authorities with capacity for more than 1000 participants are covered.
  • National subscriptions are covered by a different compensation model administered by the Danish Ministry of Culture.
  • Everybody who fulfils the criteria of the scheme will receive compensation.


The contents of the scheme

  • The scheme offers compensation for lost earnings because of cancellation of the events in question.
  • The scheme offers compensation for additional costs in connection with postponed events.
  • It is a condition that the compensation does not lead to profit for the organiser.


What the organisers must do to get compensation?

  • Event organisers must forward documentation proving that the event has been cancelled, changed materially or postponed and that the event had capacity for more than 1000 participants. If the event was aimed at risk groups, such as the elderly or people with health-related vulnerability, the capacity must have been more than 500 participants.
  • The requirements regarding documentation depend on the distribution of earnings and costs.
  • Event organisers who want compensation for loss of earnings from a number of different sources, for example ticket sale, sale of food/drinks and merchandise, advertising earnings, etc., must forward accounting material for the event documenting the losses for which compensation is requested.
  • Event organisers who only want compensation regarding the refunding of tickets sold in advance must forward a statement of refunded tickets to the event in question to the Danish Business Authority.



How to prepare the necessary documentation before applying

How to apply for compensation


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